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Communication Book for Kindergarten

Learning Patch®

Communication Book for Kindergarten

$30.00 AUD

Learning Patch® Communication Book for Kindergarten has been developed specifically to support children with autism at kindergarten by enabling a supportive and proactive team environment.  This book is structured into key focus areas to guide teachers and integration aides into capturing essential information that reveals behavioural patterns, and identifies successful and unsuccessful strategies. Kindergarten is an incredibly important period in a child's development - this is especially so for children with autism - as they are taking their first steps in learning how to learn outside the home - and are exposed to lots of challenges.  Communication Book seeks to help establish good behaviours and routines that will make each child's transition to primary school a little easier.


  • 100 forms with prescribed areas of focus
  • Tips on settling into school
  • Evidence based tips to encourage good behaviours
  • Motivational quotes
  • Stickers with positive affirmations to reinforce good behaviours
  • Travel pouch to ensure classroom notices reach home



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