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Learning Patch® Daily Planners are designed to support students by targeting areas that drive behavioural change.

Daily Planner is divided into three distinct areas:

- The Daily Planner section provides space to plan the day and stay organised.

- The Time Out ZONES are a great place for students to check in on how they're feeling, and express their feelings through words or pictures.

- The Emotion Tutorials provide valuable insights to help students recognise emotions in themselves and others, as well as practical suggestions to help deal with 6 key emotions.

Learning Patch® Daily Planner supports students in planning their school day and regulating their emotions.

Daily Planner section is a simply laid out, consistent and 'predictable' space where students can plan their day. Students may fill in this section with their parents prior to the school day so that they know what to expect, or they may fill it in on their own at school. The Progress Tracker featured at the bottom of each page is a useful tool for students to use to either get started each day, or for any subject to task where they need a bit of motivation, or (in the case of students experiencing anxiety) a bit of reinforcement to feel reassured.

Time Out ZONES is a great space for students to express themselves emotionally. There’s an area for students to check in on how they’re feeling using visual emotion icons as a reference. Students are also able to rate their day, which provides parents with an insight into how their child has felt during their school day, allowing parents to then provide encourage and support. There’s a prompt that encourages students to reset their mindset by thinking of something positive about the day. There’s also a space for students to doodle, or to use words and/or drawings to express how they’re feeling.

Emotion Tutorials help students to identify how to identify various emotions in themselves and in others. This space also guides students think about how they react when they are feeling various emotions, and then identifies strategies students can try to use to cope with those emotions.

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Daily Planner
$32.00 AUD