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Our resources build better learning habits.

Learning Patch® have two resources that allow teachers, integration aides and parents to support children with learning in the classroom and home. Our range is suitable for both pre-school and primary school students.

Task Tracker whiteboards are a visual timeline that encourages children to remain on task and develop positive learning habits.

First/Then Schedule Notepads allow teachers, integration aides and parents to help children plan and transition between activities. This is the first step in teaching children to learn to plan, and to encourage them to become more independent.

Task Tracker Whiteboards provide an encouraging visual timeline that reinforces children as they progress through a task. Used regularly Task Trackers encourage positive self talk, and helps children become intrinsically motivate to learn

First/Then Schedule Notepads allows teachers, integration aides and parents to note or illustrate activities in a clear way

This resource is particularly useful for children with impaired planning skills, attention deficits, and children who experience anxiety. Used regularly, children learn to refer to schedules, and are less inclined to experience anxiety when they know what is to follow.

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