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Our Communication Books connect school and home.
Learning Patch® Communication Books guide teachers, integration aides and parents to capture targeted information to:

  • identify behaviours impacting learning
  • set strategies to overcome learning obstacles
  • track whether strategies are working
Books also have evidence-based tips to encourage good behaviours, and reinforcing stickers.

Communication Books prompt teachers and integration aides to comment on specific areas (e.g. “group work”). This can be done on a particular day each week, during a transition period such as adjusting to a new teacher, or on a daily basis.

Some teachers choose to only comment on a specific area that is agreed during PSG meetings. For example, the goal may be to track whether strategies are having a impact on “individual work” or on another area such as how a child uses their “unstructured time”. Our Communication Books encourage brevity.

The effectiveness of Communication Books relies on keeping a record of specific target areas, and being able to track specific pre-defined goals over time.

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